[JDEV] Creating a new Transport/jsm?

Mike Mintz gmike87 at yahoo.com
Thu Jan 10 22:16:36 CST 2002


does that help?


--- Peter Gebauer <peter at restamus.org> wrote:
> Hey there!
> I've been reading the documentation found at
> jabber.org, however, starting
> to write your own transport or module is obviously
> harder than it should
> be.
> There should be a manual on this that explains how
> to build your own
> transport and / or module.
> I don't even know the difference between mod_echo
> and, say, irc
> transport. Are they both transports or is mod_echo a
> module? And if so,
> can I write my own modules that are not included
> under jsm/modules?
> Too many names are used for the same thing? Agent,
> Transport, Module,
> Component? What is what?
> I have a lot of unanswered questions in my head and
> none of the documents
> seem help me.
> Even though there are many documents, they are
> either for people
> installing already existing stuff or focus on
> instant messaging only where
> as I would like to use Jabber for more than just
> sending one-liners to
> AIM, SMS, ICQ, etc.
> If someone has any good suggestions on SPECIFIC
> documents that will aid me
> in my quest to create a
> appreciate it! Also, if someone could straighten out
> the terminology, that
> would be good.
> /P
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