[JDEV] ldapv3 or kerberos mod for jabber server?

jsiegle at psu.edu jsiegle at psu.edu
Fri Jan 11 07:54:33 CST 2002

On Thu, 10 Jan 2002, David C. McDowell wrote:

> jdev,
> I was curious if I could spark some interest in the development of a module
> for the Jabber Server that could authenticate to ldapv3, which I believe
>is ldap + kerberos authentication protocol, probably some other stuff I'm
>not aware of.  I understand there is an xdb_ldap ? BUT, in an ldapv3
>implementation, it seems the userPassword property is not populated due
>to the fact that a separate kerberos database is kept for the
>passwords.  This makes the ldap mod by itself ineffective.  With
>connectios to the ldapv3, my thoughts on the goal would be to take away
>from Jabber's separate user db and use the ldap db of users as its
>userbase and place of authentication.  I believe this is what happens
>with the ldap mod already available when connecting to a true ldap
>server?  The problem then comes back to the authentication, which cannot
>occur in ldapv3 b/c of the kerberos password db.

Why not authenticate with your kerberos server? You should be able to just  
do a mkreq from your client and a rdreq from the jabber server. If you
have questions about this approach, let me know. What version of kerberos
are you running? I should be able to contribute some code I
wrote(mod_auth_kerberos.c) for version V as soon as I clean it up. 

> Ideas or thoughts?  Thanks for you time!
> Dave
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