[JDEV] Installing ICQV7-T - libsigc++1.0.0 - problem

alex_ safiullin at mail.ru
Fri Jan 11 15:24:39 CST 2002

>>>>> "AY" == Amarnath Yara <amarny at hotmail.com> writes:

 AY> Also could you guys provide me some links from where I can get the
 AY> libsigc++1.0.0 which would be compatible with icqv7-t. By the way I am
 AY> using redhat linux 7.2. Thanks in advance
 Unfortunately GCC-3.0.x binaries aren't backward compatible with ones
 from GCC-2.9x, so you need rebuild your libsigc++ with GCC-3.0.x

 Or simple try to use GCC-2.96+, it should be ok...
 Regards, Alex_


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