[JDEV] Some jabberd problems

Adam Theo adamtheo at theoretic.com
Thu Jan 10 19:47:24 CST 2002

On Thu, 2002-01-10 at 17:13, Kevin Hollenshead wrote:
> I have noticed that my welcome message was being truncated as well and I'm running on a Solaris box.  I also noticed that with the JIM client, in a conference room and sometimes with broadcast messages, that messages were truncated.  The latter seems to
> happen when a single quotation mark is included in the message.  I shortened my welcome message and have not since seen a recurrence.  I have not seen the other errors that you describe though.

The truncated welcome message might have happened because of editing the
file. Do you by chance use pico or something similar when editing the
jabber.xml file? pico truncates long lines sometimes, which used to
cause problems with me until I realized it and just started making sure
of what I was doing.

The truncated conference messages are a bug that is fixed in the CVS of
"conference" I installed it and it's been working fine ever since.
Someone really does need to make a new conference package using the CVS.
It's stable.

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