[JDEV] JECL questions

joe at cursive.net joe at cursive.net
Sat Jan 12 02:25:48 CST 2002

"Glenn MacGregor" <gtm at oracom.com> writes:

> Thanks for your help on jdev chat this afternoon!  I am writing an
> external component that needs to send messages to group chats.  It
> seems that I am always getting (on the server) Packet Delivery
> failed, invalid packet Dropping ...

> Is it possible to have a component send messages to group chats?

Yes.  Turn on debug in the server, and watch what happens when a
client sends messages to a room, to get an example.  You might need
<route/> tags to get everything right, but I'm no TC expert.

> What could I be doing wrong?

I'd have to see the invalid packets, but when this happens to me, it's
usually because I forgot the "to" or "from" address on the packet.
You need both.

Joe Hildebrand

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