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Frédérique Pinson frederique.pinson at francetelecom.com
Tue Jan 15 13:46:12 CST 2002


> Hey all it's about time for a new development cycle for jabberd. 
Love to read that  - I am a fan... 

Do you consider modifying the protocol ? 
I will join the effort on XML standards compliance as well. 

To me, the fact that Jabber is not fully compliant to XML standards
(namespaces for exemple) slows down the expansion of Jabber, as well as
the lack of rigourous documentations and specifications. 

This is what you can read on Jabber.org/ welcome page : 
"The result? Jabber is quickly becoming a standard  component of
Internet infrastructure." 
is it really true ? 

Preceding messages  (on errors code, or component architecture for
exemple) show that there is a demand for such docs and specs. 
That is why I propose you to also enhance  the effort on documentation. 

I know that there are many  many things to do on Jabber,  that
documenting and specifying are time consuming tasks, 
and that Jabber developpers have only two fingers, one brain et two
eyes... and like all developpers (from which I am) they prefer coding
than writing clear specification --  that's already in their head... 

But  when you intend to spread your techno over the world -- and want
people to build their software based upon your techno - please  consider
that documentation would ease their job, thus the adoption of your
techno. And if they can easily use it -- without having to read your
code to understand how to do --, the techno will really become a
standard component of Internet infrastructure. 

Well, I would like to...that's why I wrote you these kindly unpleasant

best regards, 
Frédérique Pinson 

France Telecom R&D/DMI/GRI 
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"Fabrice DESRE - FT.BD/FTRD/DMI/GRI" wrote: 

Thomas Muldowney wrote: 
> Hey all it's about time for a new development cycle for jabberd.  This

> will be under the guise of a 1.5.x series of releases culminating in a

> 1.6.0 release.  We won't officially start the development until 1.4.2
> tagged in CVS but there is plenty for us to do before that.  My main 
> goal right now is to get the feature list put together that we're 
> working towards.  After discussing with a few of the jdev group idlers

> we currently have this list: 
> - General cleanup and standards compliance.  This includes checking
>   the error reporting to make sure it makes sense, and all the other 
>   little oddities that have slipped in. 

 Which standards are you talking about ? If you think of the correct 
processing of xml namespaces i'm +1 on this one. 


Fabrice Desré - France Telecom R&D/DTL/MSV 
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