[JDEV] Monitor/Sniffer Statistics Module

JD Conley wackie at elite.net
Wed Jan 16 19:43:07 CST 2002

I'm working on a custom Open Source Jabber installation 
and the need has arisen to be able to track certain 
statistics.  I need to be able to track the frequency 
of, as well as contextual information (who, what, 
where, etc) relating to the following Jabber-specific 

Roster Subscriptions
Presence Changes
Login (or attempted login)

There may be more... but that's all for now.  I guess 
basically I need to build a module that acts as a 
transparent proxy of all information sent to c2s, that 
logs when certain events occur -- which comes down to 
matching xml nodes in specific namespaces and logging 
them.  Maybe I should modify c2s to do what I want...?

I also need to monitor server load, network load, 
connections/sec, etc; but that can be done with 
numerous existing tools.

Any code that could help as well as any advice from the 
masters would be greatly appreciated.


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