[JDEV] RE: Jabberd 1.5 Development

David Waite mass at akuma.org
Thu Jan 17 17:24:28 CST 2002

JabberBeans represents XML as Java objects rather than using something like
the W3 DOM objects, or JDOM. Because of this, the structure of an extension
currently needs to be represented by an object or series of objects. The
thing that is really needed for something like vCard support is a way of
using DOM or JDOM within JabberBeans - vCard is complicated enough that it
would be quicker to write or port a sax2dom converter class over and return
a DOM as a Extension object rather than writing a class which can handle all
of the structural options of vCard.

This would also allow you to do xhtml and other XML-based formats. It would
be great to have off-the-shelf Java packages which support the W3 DOM or
JDOM able to display incoming XML-based data.

-David Waite

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> Hi David!
> I'm using yours jabberBeans. It's great! Congratulations!!
> It would be a great idea use the vcard, but I couldn't find info about
> That. JabberBean support it??
> When I finished, probable I'll write some tutorial or manual about that,
> what do yo think??
> Thanks!
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> I assume you mean their name for roster display (recommended nickname
> for
> adding a user, etc) ; the best way I have thought of doing this is to
> attempt to grab their vCard; if you can get a nickname, use that,
> otherwise
> use the username portion of the JID.
> If we ever get pub/sub, it might be possible for the client to process
> changes in contact's vCards, and use that to prompt for updates to their
> nicknames within the local user's roster.
> -David Waite
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