[JDEV] Jabber behind a firewall

Kevin Smathers ks at micky.hpl.hp.com
Tue Jan 22 12:06:46 CST 2002

Getting Jabber to work from behind a firewall at all takes quite a bit
of help from your firewall administrator; the usual recommendation is
to simply unblock the ports required for Jabber at the firewall.

Of course you can run your own separate Jabber network using your own
servers for employees to connect to, but they won't be able to message
external users unless the s2s link can be started, and s2s uses a TCP
dial-back to ensure that the link can be opened in both directions.

The other option is to rely on public servers, and proxy just the c2s
link.  That link is only opened from the client to the server, so it
can go through firewalls or proxies without trouble.  The easiest 
approach then would be to get your firewall administrator to unblock
the Jabber port in your socks proxy and use a socksified Jabber client
(which most of them are.)

Running socks libraries over an HTTP transport is possible if I 
recall correctly.  Try looking up the Dante project:



On Sat, Jan 19, 2002 at 01:40:34AM +0100, MadCoder wrote:
> So. I wants to install a Jabber server with ICQ/MSN/Y! transport support.
> but my server is behind a HTTP proxy and a SOCKS5 proxy.
> in the SOCKS5 proxy, only the ICQ port is open.
> is there something I can do to socksify the jabber daemon threw the HTTP 
> proxy ?
> I saw on www.jabber.org that there was a project called "jabber web" that 
> wanted to enable jabberd socksification. but there's nothing to download 
> :((
> PS : the server is under Debian-woody
> PPS : sorry for my poor english. I'm french.
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