[JDEV] Mysql and transports

Rodrigo Roman dedalo at ferengi.com.ar
Fri Jan 25 09:13:25 CST 2002

YES please!
I've realized that the example database only have yahoo structure, so AIM is
not working also... I'm looking around to see if I missed a point and there
is some documentation on the AIM table structure... if somebody has the
creation script thanks!
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We are running a version of the MSN transport here that works with xdb_sql.
If you'd like to run it I can email a tarball to you, but it won't be easy
to set up.  There are quite a few things you have to do to xdb_sql before it
will work with it.  You'll have to add a table to your mySQL db, add query
definitions to the xdb_sql.xml file and there was a bug in xdb_sql that
prevented the msn transport from working correctly with it that we fixed.  I
don't know if this bug has been fixed in the newest version of xdb_sql or
not.  The bug was due to the fact that the msn transport sends values to xdb
as attributes of an xml tag instead of as children tags I think.  It may
have been the other way around.  This functionality was broken in version
1.1 of xdb_sql, if it was fixed I'm sure the maintainer will chime in.  If
it hasn't been fixed I need to send him our fix.  If you want to give it a
shot let me know.  Just realize that it will be pretty complicated.
Jason Reineri
Northridge Systems, Inc.
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I have installes xdb_sql succesfully? 
Everything is working but transports, I cannot make MSN nor AIM to work,
winjab disconnects when I try to browse the agent... and then it hangs...
with colinjab is the same, and psi for linux also...
With jabber users everything is fine... 
Any clue? 
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