[JDEV] pocketRival Announcement

Daniel Chote daniel at chote.com
Tue Feb 4 09:47:13 CST 2003

Howdy folks, I decided to write a small easy to use and nice looking 
jabber client for the pocketPC platform.   Aptly named pocketRival :P  
This is written entirely in eVB, Ive written a small and powerfull 
jabber parser of my own.  Although this will probably not be released as 
open source, I have yet to really decide on this.

Ive posted some screenshots and current beta at 

There isnt any docs for it.. Ive only spent 6 hours on the development 
of it so far, so its no where near feature complete, but it does roster 
rendering, and messaging.  Currently no proxy support, I will have to 
look in to this to allow people to proxy, for if they do not have a nic 
or wan device in their pocketPC.

Feel free to comment, im looking for people with pocketPC's to test it.  


*. Daniel Chote*
email/jabber: daniel at chote.net
web: www.chote.net

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