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Another recently-released IM product.  I just received the marketing
email yesterday.


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new IM product that emerged from the clear blue

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As a supporter of Ipswitch's award-winning products, we
want to inform you that we are introducing a brand new
product - Ipswitch Instant Messenger.  Keep your network
locked down and productivity up with this secure corporate
messaging solution.

Learn more about Ipswitch Instant Messenger:

We know that instant messaging activity may not be as
important as network security concerns, but they should be.
Shareware instant messaging products open holes in your
network and expose your financial, personal and other
sensitive communications to the world.  With Ipswitch
Instant Messenger's 3DES 168-bit encryption, all
communications between the client and server are secured,
and with the server located in-house, you can control
usage and uptime.

Ipswitch Instant Messenger is our affordable solution that
can be quickly implemented to manage your instant messaging
needs.  It's easy to use and your employees will "get it"
instantly.  Learn more about our unique features such as
group messaging, in-line file attachments, full conversation
history, the centrally managed global contact list, and more:

Purchase Ipswitch Instant Messenger between February 4th
and April 4th 2003, and receive a one-year service agreement
(a $195 value), at no charge to you.  This entitles you to
receive product upgrades and telephone technical support
for an entire year.

Purchase your copy of Ipswitch Instant Messenger:

Thank you for your continued support of Ipswitch products.

Best Regards,

John Korsak
Product Marketing Manager, Messaging Solutions
Ipswitch, Inc.

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further communications from us, please send an email to
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