[JDEV] JabberCOM - bugfixes and roadmap

Peter Millard me at pgmillard.com
Wed Feb 5 11:58:59 CST 2003

Vladimir Collak wrote:
> I wasn't sure whether to ask this in the group or go
> directly to Peter Millard so here it is.
> What is road-mapdmap for JabberCOM? I use and
> I am very happy with it. There are however few things
> that I am anxiously waiting for. They are namely NULL
> difference crash
> and few other instabilities. Does anyone know (or
> Peter :) ) if anyone is working on the fixes for
> these?

I haven't touched the JabberCOM code in a LONG time... It really code use some
re-work to get it to compile on newer compilers and do bug fixes. (Translation,
if someone wants to take over the code, I'd be more than pleased).

Currently, Exodus and JOPL are consuming all of my OS-coding time.


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