[JDEV] Jabber research

Ulrich Staudinger chicago5 at gmx.de
Tue Feb 11 06:02:40 CST 2003

Hello Scot, 

many questions! :)

> Questions:
> How many concurrent connections of the type and traffic specified could I
> expect the x345 server to support? Assume bandwidth is not an issue. I've
> seen the limitations regarding stock RH installs vis a vis number of ports
> and so forth. Should we plan for 1000 connections per system? More? 500?
> Less?

i just know from the software side, jabberd 1.4.2 only supports 1024
concurrent connections because of the use of some pth library (for threading???). 

> Are there advantages or disadvantages to running multiple servers, even if
> a
> single server could service all connections? Does jabber provide
> redundancy
> or failover facilities? Is disaster recovery or server replacement
> unusually
> difficult?

server replacement is not very difficult, if you consequently backup your
complete jabber system, you can restore it in no time. afaik it is only
necessary to backup the spool directory which contains the user database (if you
don't use a proper database) and you jabber.xml file. 

again afaik simply copying things over will restore a backuped system. 

> What happens if an unusually large messages passes through a server? For
> example, if a 10MB or 100MB message passes through a jabber server, can
> the
> client/server handle messages of that size? And if so, are other sessions
> queued until this one message completes, or is there concurrency?

mind the karma. 

> On the client side, are there any "client daemon" projects currently
> available or under development for the linux environment?


> On the server side, is it possible and if so how difficult is it to have
> messages received at the server passed through to an application rather
> than
> to another jabber client? I understand such hooks exist from my reading of
> the jabberd docs, but a confirmation would be nice.

you propably speak of components? 

> Is there a jabber-to-email gateway? For example, can a jabber client send
> a
> message to an email address rather than to another jabber client, and vice
> versa?

yes there is a gateway. 


Ulrich Staudinger http://www.die-horde.de 

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