[JDEV] Re: Server Problems, of the lying kind.

Matthew Beacher SyOp at Reigm.Com
Tue Feb 11 12:30:28 CST 2003

To my knowlage there are a total of 10 Open Source Jabber Servers.

Of the 10,

Jabberd / Jabbered2
2 are the "Reference" Servers (Don't do Windows)

C++ Imp of "reference" (Dead, Don't Do Windows)

Java Jabber (Dead)

Written in Erlang (No code released, Don't Do Windows)

Many Users (No code released, Don't do Windows)

Perl/POE enabled JABBER(tm) XML Router. (Don't do Windows)

Jabber server written in VB.NET	(ONLY dose windows)

Plus the one I can't rember the name of that is suposed to many users, 
that has relased something.

Then there is mine, that will do both Windows and Posix, once I get my 
Linux box set back up.  But all the code was written with a decided 
Posix slant so it can be easly re-compiled under a Posix OS. (Red Hat 
PThreads, and a multi-os network interperting lair)  Ok, this is where I 
admit to running a Win2k server and mainly win2k at home, but for a reason.
Server: I am not a linux GOD, I couldn't get sendmail working.
System: I use a multi-monitor ATI card, and I can't do that in linux.

Tijl Houtbeckers wrote:
> Stephen Pendleton <pendleto at movsoftware.com> wrote on 11-2-2003 
> 17:29:10: 
>>Incidentally, why not just simply contribute to one of the many OS 
>>server projects out there?
> Just how many more opensource C++ Jabber servers (that also run on 
> Windows) are there then? Have I missed any?

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