[JDEV] Re: MUC problems

Peter Millard me at pgmillard.com
Wed Feb 12 13:09:42 CST 2003

Mats Bengtsson wrote:
> The server sends a type='set' browse element, just as when a new user enters
> a romm I am already in. See below:
> RECV: <iq type='set' to='mari at athlon.se/coccinella'
> from='girls at conference.athlon.se'> <user xmlns='jabber:iq:browse'
> jid='girls at conference.athlon.se/aef751509...' name='matben'/></iq>
> It is reasonable that the MUC component works similarly when I create a room.
> After the room is created its browse element is pushed to the client.
> There could be complications here. This one is not completely necessary
> as the client may browse the room "manually".

This is the way the old conferencing protocol worked. It relied on browse pushes
to maintain the room "roster". I don't see why you want this behavior in the new
MUC protocol. It is specified NO PLACE in the JEP. Other implementations may
choose to implement something like this, but it is not required (or even
suggested) by JEP-45. Browsing in the scope of JEP-45 should only be used to get
information about a room or a service. Entities MAY be allowed to browse to a
room at service/nick JID to found out more information about that user, but this
may be dis-allowed depending on the room configuration.

Adding something like "live browsing" to JEP-45 is not an option since it's
already in the Call For Experience stage, and something this pervasive is
outside of the scope of changes which would be accpeted (this is me speaking as
a council member) for the change from DRAFT to ACTIVE for JEP-45.


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