[JDEV] Re: MUC problems

Mats Bengtsson matben at privat.utfors.se
Thu Feb 13 02:11:34 CST 2003

David Sutton wrote:
>   I can understand your point as well, so have come up with this
>   compromise. When you browse a room, the jid given will be the room jid
>   + nick. What happens if you browse further depends on the room. If the
>   room is unanonymous, or you are a room admin, then you will see the
>   users real jid. If you are a normal user and not allowed to see real
>   jids, then you will see the SHA hash jid version. That way we keep to
>   the spirit of the jep, whilst allowing tracking of user->nick
>   relations.
>   This has been checked into the mu-conference cvs. Does this sound good
>   to you?

Hi David,

Yes, I think so. Many thanks for your kind cooperation.
But we could perhaps have some response from the MUC JEP maintainers
so that this point could be properly defined there. Although the JEP
desn't say much about jabber:iq:browse, it is of vital importance
for developers how the MUC and browse cooperate.
It is this kind of design decisions that are so important for future
development. A wrong decision, and you get stabbed in the back in the future.
(Sorry for my imaginative language)

Best Wishes,   Mats

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