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David Sutton jabber at dsutton.legend.uk.com
Fri Feb 14 10:26:13 CST 2003

Hi Mats,

  The reason for this is two-fold - one was to find who wants browse to
  still be active, the other was because I want to get browse right
  before re-activating it. You may notice that the configuration you
  have to put in the browse section of the jabber.xml file differs from
  the other examples in there (ie I use an item tag, others use a
  service or conference tag). This is because I am aiming to comply
  with the browse jep as it stands, following the spirit where a case is
  not clear. If i'm not doing it right inside the service, then i'd
  rather rip out the bad code and work in the new code in a better
  fashion. I'm already worried about supporting unicode node names, as
  i'm trying to find a C library I can use to give me the functions I
  need. We need a stable definition of a node name, along with a
  reference of how this can be achieved, I still recall JEP-0029, where
  it was stated that the node should have its case preserved, but be
  case-normalized for comparison. No-one was supporting that, even the
  jabberd server itself.

  I may have to break down and learn C++, so I can recode MU-Conference
  and make use of any better unicode support and/or libraries,
  especially in light of the recent speed increases in C++ code. I've
  avoided doing so up till now as I felt it would be best to finish what
  I have before moving onwards. 



On Fri, Feb 14, 2003 at 02:19:38PM +0100, Mats Bengtsson wrote:
> David Sutton wrote:
> >   In view of the recent discussion, support for browse has been dropped in
> > MU-Conference cvs code, ready for when the disco protocol goes draft.
> David, 
> I think this decision is very unfortunate, if I may speak for
> the client developers. I guess many have built some browse UI
> for use with jabber:iq:conference that is very practical
> to reuse when testing out the MUC protocol. 
> I agree that support for jabber:iq:browse should only be considered
> temporary, and later phased out and replaced by disco.
> But meanwhile, keep some sort of support for browse, at least as
> a help in assisting client developers testing MUC.
> > made it more complicated to retrieve the data necessary. What I may do
> > is make browse an optional extra which can be enabled or disabled at the
> > service admins choice. If I do this, then the SHA hash idea (for
> > representing a users true jid, not roster entry) may also be an option.
> > I really perceive this being of use in certain situations, even if
> > others may not yet.
> Sounds like a reasonable compromise to me.
> Hope this post is not completely out of sync...
> Best Wishes,    Mats
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