[JDEV] JabberD 2.0 portability

Robert Norris rob at cataclysm.cx
Sun Feb 16 17:17:49 CST 2003

> I would just like to say that the JabberD 2.0 code looks awesome. I
> have to say that Rob has done an awesome job. 

I can't take all the credit for it, but thanks :)

> However, JabberD's networking code still seems very much a pure Unix
> / Posix implementation. This makes it difficult to get it to run on
> Windows w/o the Cygwin layer. Would their be some consideration to
> migrate some of the JabberD 2.0 code to use APR?  

I've actually been thinking about this over the weekend. I've just had a
quick look at the APR API, and it looks like it would be fairly trivial
to move towards it for the networking stuff (wrappers around most POSIX
network functions (read/write/connect/accept/etc), and a poll wrapper).

One thing I don't want to do is make APR a dependency, so I'd prefer to
use the standard functions by default, and make APR a compile option.
It doesn't look like this would be terribly complex, just some minor
code reorg to allow calls to read and write to be replaced (MIO is used
for everything else).

I've added it as a TODO item, though its not prioritised. I'll have a
more thorough look at the APR docs, and if it seems that it will be
straightforward, I'll look at getting in for 2.0. Otherwise, 2.2 is more


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