[JDEV] Re: JabberCOM - bugfixes and roadmap

Vladimir Collak vcollak at yahoo.com
Wed Feb 19 12:12:04 CST 2003

Pat, thanks. I'd love to help somehow, but I am in the same boat - no Delphi
skills. :(  Let me know if there is anything else I can do though.


"Pat Magnan" <pat at sluggo.org> wrote in message
news: at sluggo.org...
> Well, I don't want to say it's unfortunate it's in Delphi, but my
> of Delphi is certainly unfortunate to me. ;)
> I'd like to fix the NULL dereference crash for my own purposes, and since
> there's a patch, can probably fumble my way through compiling a version if
> that will help Vladimir. I think I have a copy of Delphi somewhere around
> can use for that much.
> I'd hestitate to say I consider myself able to maintain it beyond that..
> I'll email off list if the proposed patch seems to fix it for us. Maybe I
> can convince a friend who's a Delphi programmer to give me a hand and see
> if he feels up to porting it ;).
> At 10:58 AM 2/5/2003 -0700, you wrote:
> >Vladimir Collak wrote:
> > > I wasn't sure whether to ask this in the group or go
> > > directly to Peter Millard so here it is.
> > > What is road-mapdmap for JabberCOM? I use and
> > > I am very happy with it. There are however few things
> > > that I am anxiously waiting for. They are namely NULL
> > > difference crash
> > >
> >atid=119053)
> > > and few other instabilities. Does anyone know (or
> > > Peter :) ) if anyone is working on the fixes for
> > > these?
> >
> >I haven't touched the JabberCOM code in a LONG time... It really code use
> >re-work to get it to compile on newer compilers and do bug fixes.
> >(Translation,
> >if someone wants to take over the code, I'd be more than pleased).
> >
> >Currently, Exodus and JOPL are consuming all of my OS-coding time.
> >
> >pgm.
> >
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