[JDEV] Problem on Net::Perl

Jeremy Nickurak atrus at jabber.spam.rifetech.com
Wed Feb 19 17:41:59 CST 2003

This is one of the same problems that is holding back janchor from
functioning well.

The only thing I can recommend is that you try different versions of
perl (5.6.1 vs 5.8.0, in particular).

Neither of them actually seems to work properly for me.

On Wed, 2003-02-19 at 00:46, bryan wrote:
> Hi! i'm a newcommer to jabber. now i'm programming on Net::Perl. 
> here is my problem:
> it's ok when sending messages in English. but i'm a chinese, when in
> chinese, Jabberd reports " not well form". 
> i know the solution to this problem is ENCODING. but i don't know how
> to do it.
> please help me! 
Jeremy Nickurak <atrus at jabber.spam.rifetech.com>

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