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Matthias Wimmer m at tthias.net
Fri Feb 21 02:46:35 CST 2003

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Hi Robert!

Robert Norris wrote:
| Having said that, its worth noting that more and more servers and
| clients are using SSL, which compresses data (and you get encryption for
| free).

I expect that most of the SSL connections don't establish compression. I
have two instances of c2s running, one for connections w/ and one for
connections w/o compression.
What I have noticed is something strange: about 1/3 of the users are
using SSL connections. I would expect that the c2s w/ ssl component
would need a bit more then half of the computing power of the c2s w/o
ssl component (half as many users but a but additional power to compute
the encryption). But the non-ssl component needs three times the
computing power of the ssl component.
Either this means that the c2s component does not scale linear or that
ssl users send less messages. But it also shows that SSL does not need
much CPU time.
As compression is much more expensive than encryption I don't expect
that many users have their SSL connections compressed.

Tot kijk
~    Matthias

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