[JDEV] OT: Trillian forums on Jabber...

hhager at orgo.com hhager at orgo.com
Sat Feb 22 12:13:42 CST 2003

This is a fine read over at Trillian. Wtf is their deal?


Lots of pushback against jabber and obviously
the trillian dev's are forcefully ignoring jabber
interop.  I haven't looked at the trillian SDK but the
docs were kind of scary.

I dig the client but its dead to me with no jabber.
I still am waiting for a hOt jabber client, they still
are not there ...

Funny read because they Should've jumped to
crank out a jabber plugin, everything about
jab would be good for them and open up more
opportunities but instead (why i don't know) their
dev's just ego'd against it.  silly and dim.

Anyway, I used to be a member of the JSF, but
now I see my member-hood is gone:

jhorgo (hhager at orgo.com)


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