[JDEV] jabberd patch

Tijl Houtbeckers thoutbeckers at splendo.com
Wed Feb 26 02:24:00 CST 2003

Richard Dobson <richard at dobson-i.net> wrote on 26-2-2003 0:53:00:
>But as ive just said in my previous email I dont think it actually 
>gets a stream error..

Exodus tells me:

So we do get a stream:error... (and the presence changes to offline 
"[09:49:35] *** test556 at mordax.com is Offline [Replaced by new 
connection]" after wich it changes to online again when the new 
connection sends it's presence) 

I still think this is questionable behaviour because there isn't really 
an error as such in the stream. I think there's been some discussion 
(amongst other things) on the XMPPWG list about adding other things as 
<stream:error> such as <stream:redirect>, and/or introducing errorcodes 
to the stream:error elemenent. (my guess is that it would be 409 in 
this case?). I don't subscribe to it so I don't know the outcome of 
this so far. 

I don't think it's valid to say that a client shouldn't reconnect when 
it gets a stream:error, since you don't know what went wrong! 

Anyway, since Wes Morgan demonstrated a use for this, I still think 
there should be a standard way to deny clients who try to log in with 
the same resource as well. Perhaps the same (409) errorcode? (And I'm 
*still* not saying that this should be standard behaviour) 

As far as I remember some other types of connections (with no resources 
tied to it) experiance even stranger behaviour (for example 
component:accept), when I open a second connection it just sends 
everything back over the first after authentication (At least I think 
it did.. it's been a while ago..). I'm not suggesting we copy this 
behaviour though :) 

Tijl Houtbeckers
Software Engineer @ Splendo
The Netherlands

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