[JDEV] Scaling 1.4.2 with xdb_file... And the patch

Mike Prince mike at mikeprince.com
Thu Feb 27 23:46:48 CST 2003

> Great, though a diff would be perferable - in case one has 
> other changes 
> in the xdb_file.c!

It's based on the original 1.4.2 distro so a diff with a stock xdb_file
will give you just the changes I've made.
> Here's a little one-liner shell script you can use to 
> re-arrange all the 
> data files in your spool directory.  It should be run from the spool 
> directory (ie. "cd /var/spool/jabber" or wherever).
> ls *.xml | perl -n -e 'chomp; /^(.)(.)/; mkdir $1 unless -d 
> $1; mkdir "$1/$1$2\n" unless -d "$1/$1$2"; rename $_, "$1/$1$2/$_";'
> To "undo" you can simply swap the order of the arguments to rename.

Thanks for the the script.  I'm scaling up from zero users, but I'm sure
another file scaling zealot will find it useful.



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