[JDEV] Bug with transports affecting presence for multiple client logins

Paul Curtis pcurtis at terrapin.com
Fri Feb 28 21:18:10 CST 2003

Steven Brown wrote:
> When two Jabber clients for one user are connected to a server, only the
> first to connect works correctly with transports to aim, icq, msn, etc..
> The other doesn't get presence from non-Jabber users, and suffers other
> oddities as well.

In Yahoo, I have looked at having multiple clients be presented with the 
Yahoo presence information synchronously. To say the least, it is not a 
trivial fix. The Yahoo transport has a one-to-one relationship between a 
Jabber client (and it's resource) and the Yahoo session.

> Is there a fix for this, someone already working on a
> fix, or an example of a transport that doesn't have the bug I could crib a
> fix from?  

Not that I know of ...

> I really need that support, as our application depends on users
> multi-connecting.

This is going to be problematic, as Jabber allows for multiple 
connections using the same JID, but none of the other services (Yahoo, 
AIM, etc.) do. To keep all the clients using one JID in sync with each 
other for presence and roster changes would require a substantial change 
to how all the transport are currently coded.


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