[JDEV] MUC and creating rooms

Vincent Dibartolo vdibartolo at sportingnews.com
Thu Jan 2 15:47:16 CST 2003


	I'm sure I'm doing something wrong, but I've been banging up against
the most frustrating problem having a bot create a chat room, and I've found
some unusual behavior by looking at debugging output from the Exodus client.
To begin with, I know that MUC is properly installed on my server because I
can create conference rooms on the fly using Exodus.

	I've been using the Net::Jabber Perl library to have a bot connect
using MUCJoin (I have v1.28).  The following is an outline of my code:

			$jabber = new Net::Jabber::Client();
		 	my ($status) = $jabber->Connect(hostname=>$j_server,
			my (@result) = $jabber->AuthSend(username=>$user,
password=>$pass,  resource=>$resource);
server=>$j_chat_server, nick=>$chat_nickname);

	If I look in the ".../jabber/spool/<chat server name>/" directory I
don't see any files created, and I can't get another client to connect to
that room (keep getting a "Forbidden" message in Exodus).  Frustratingly, I
have to restart the Jabber server before I can try to create this room with
Exodus, which is annoying but not necessary for my project.  I assume this
is because the room is in some half-created state and the server is not
allowing anyone else to create a room with the same name.

	So I looked at the debug output from the Exodus connection/creation
of the conference room and found that if I do what it does everything works
fine.  This amounts to the following, which as you can see is ugly and

 			$jabber = new Net::Jabber::Client();
		 	my ($status) = $jabber->Connect(hostname=>$j_server,
			my (@result) = $jabber->AuthSend(username=>$user,
password=>$pass,  resource=>$resource);
server=>$j_chat_server, nick=>$chat_nickname);

			 # this is the first part of the hack protocol,
which will send back a config "form",
    			# which describes the room's settings
    			my ($iq) = new Net::Jabber::IQ();
    			my ($iq_type) = $iq->NewQuery();
    			$jabber->Send($iq, 1);

    			# this is the second part of the hack that just
accepts the default settings
my ($msg) =<<EOL;
<iq to="$room_name\@$j_chat_server" type="set"><query
xmlns="http://jabber.org/protocol/muc#owner"><x type="submit"
xmlns="jabber:x:data"><title>Room configuration</title><field
var="subject"><value>0</value></field><field var="rename"><value>is now
known as</value></field><field var="join"><value>has become
available</value></field><field var="leave"><value>has
left</value></field><field var="title"><value>t1</value></field><field


	Now, this creates the room (by which I mean I see a file in
".../jabber/spool/<chat server name>/") which other clients can connect to.
There are a couple of things I don't understand:

	1) If I send any less than the complete registration form ("$msg"
above) it doesn't work
	2) Why do I have to take those extra steps at all?  Shouldn't
MUCJoin take care of all this for me?  Does this imply a problem or is this
expected behavior?

	I've seen some unrelated posts about joining a MUC so my apologies
if this is a known problem that I wasn't able to find.


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