[JDEV] MUC and creating rooms

Vincent Dibartolo vdibartolo at sportingnews.com
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	Thanks for the quick response.  Is there any way to automatically
create the room in a one-step process such that it will assume the default
settings?  On a side note, a confusing aspect of the exchange is that some
of the actual XML that I receive back when creating a room has the phrase
"To accept the default configuration, click OK", which isn't exactly
applicable to bots and other automated scripts.  Thanks.


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Hi there,

  Ok, its only one field that its really looking for, and its the config
  field. This was originally used when the service could receive a
  number of different x:data forms, and I needed a simple way to
  differiciate between them. I'm currently working on removing the
  dependancy in the CVS version, so that an empty form will suffice.



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