[JDEV] (no subject)

Adrian Rapa adrian at kilipir.ro
Fri Jan 3 14:14:58 CST 2003

OK, i was thinking at the folowing 2 ways:

1. Use a http polling component as describe in jep. The problem is that
there is only one component and is a servlet, so it will run only with
Java orientaed webserver. SO here should be written a http polling
component for apache and a php/asp page that will be relaoded periodicaly.

2. Use a continous http connection. i tried this in past but then i have
in mind to use separate windows like in exodus, but now i am thinking that
we could use a single window too like in tkabber for example. This method
has the disadvantage that the connexion can be interrupted and it can be
reestablished only by loging on.
I was thinking of using a stream. as the xml came from jabberd the php/asp
should interpret it and output javascript, html and DHTML
Also there is a problem with this. i dont know if all browsers can handle
this IE can for sure.

The java/flash are not very good because not all browsers seport java and

If you have any other ideeas.. please post it on the list

Adrian Rapa

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