[JDEV] How to 'encourage' client presence notifications

Mike Prince mike at mikeprince.com
Fri Jan 3 15:56:03 CST 2003

I have an out of process Jabber accept component running under JabberD
1.4.2.  My component successfully updates client rosters by both doing
an <xdb> set into the server database and to the Jabber client(s).

The clients successfully show the new contacts in their rosters, but
fail to exchange <presence> info to indicate they are online.

If I log out from a client, the next log in will provide the expected
presence info, so we know the correct data is there.  I've tried this
with all the usual suspects (Exodus, myJabber, GAIM, PSI).

What is the 'right' way to encourage the clients to exchange presence
after a server roster push?



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