[JDEV] client to client communication using jabber?

Pat Magnan pat at sluggo.org
Fri Jan 3 17:01:09 CST 2003

Actually, that helps a lot. I was trying to over think the problem and 
getting lost in RTFMing ;).

I can just not display the new message type in my own chat client and parse 
out the XML, duh... :).


At 02:32 PM 1/3/2003 -0800, you wrote:
>Sending XML Payloads with your messages is perfectly legal.  Just put it
>under the root message node like so.
><message to='' from='' type='mycustommessage|chat|whatever'>
>         <body>If you had my client you would be getting Bridge
>         <subject>bridge</subject>
>         <mydata xmlns="my:custom:namespace">
>                 <bridgexml>
>                         more data
>                 </bridgexml>
>         </mydata>
>If you implement your own namespaces you aren't constrained by the
>jabber:x:x namespace specs (although jabber:x:oob is pretty open-ended).
>Also, it is not allowed to use a "jabber:mynamespace" namespace that
>isn't in the spec.
>Hope this helps.
>JD Conley
>Winfessor, Inc
>"Life would be so much easier if we could just see the source code."
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>Subject: [JDEV] client to client communication using jabber?
>Brief description of what we're trying to do:
>- our project is a Bridge Bidding tool, it allows two players to
>bidding hands over the Internet
>- we decided to use the JabberCom object, and use it for our embedded
>client (so they can discuss things from within the program)
>- when I saw I could send XML strings using Jabber, I thought I'd use
>also for one client to talk to the other one (passing strings
>each player's hand of cards, what bid they're making, and so on).
>I'm having a little difficulty working out if it is even possible to
>my own (somewhat limited) dtd or basically arbitrary data from one
>client/jid to the other (I don't care if it has to go through the
>server, I
>just want the server to forward it to the other client). Actual messages
>are no problem, but the documentation doesn't clearly guide me as to how
>do that (much of it being in the form of proposals I guess so I'm trying
>do things that aren't implemented it seems).
>I've seen things like jabber:x:data - which sounds like it would do, or
>jabber:something:oob. The protocol document was a good start, where do I
>from here?
>The two clients can message successfully, so, it's a matter of working
>how to send xml from one to the other (assuming I can) that contains my
>application's data.
>Any pointers or references that google isn't turning up for me that
>can think of?
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