[JDEV] client to client communication using jabber?

Ulrich Staudinger chicago5 at gmx.de
Sat Jan 4 13:25:16 CST 2003

To Dan:
and i think you should put your data inside the x-tag of a message ... 


> "Dan" <vze2ry7c at verizon.net> wrote on 4-1-2003 18:42:23:
> >
> >>From what I can gather from the specs it is also perfectly legal to 
> >send XML payloads within the BODY element. Is this correct?
> I doubt that the DTD for a message allows you to put additional XML 
> into a body tag, but even if is does.. 
> >
> >Is there any reason why I should not use the body element for 
> >packaging xml payloads?
> Why would you want to put it inside the body tag? Besides that it's not 
> meant for that and the DTD probably does not allow it, why not send it 
> outside the body tag? Sure winjab doesn't do anything with it.. why 
> should it? It doesn't understand your namespace. Only your own app has 
> to understand it. 
> The fact that winjab actually *shows* the XML you put in the body just 
> indicates that either Winjab is buggy when parsing XML, or that you're 
> actually not sending XML but a normal (escaped) character sequence. 
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