[JDEV] Server problem and JabberBeans problem

Adrian Brown brown.adrian at btinternet.com
Mon Jan 6 05:16:37 CST 2003

I've got a couple of problems - hope someone can help here:

Even though I had commented out the update tag in the jabber.xml it 
would still give me an error when starting the server (when not 
connected to the internet):

20021028T00:02:36: [notice] (-internal): initializing server
20021028T00:02:36: [alert] (-internal): io_select unable to listen on 
5222 [(null)]
20021028T00:02:36: [alert] (-internal): io_select unable to listen on 
5269 [(null)]

I had tried the extra commenting out as I was instructed in a previous 


I'm running the server on Mac OSX Jaguar.

But this caused even more problems, anyone know how to resolve this?

Also, I'm trying to make a Jabber Client (I'm not a great programmer), 
I'm using JabberBeans.  I want to be able to send an object within a 
<message> tag.

The object is of type DocumentChange (and implements serializable), how 
do I go about serializing this object and attaching it within a 
<message> tag?  Or do I need to make my own custom tags (also lost on 
that one).

Thanks so much, hope someone can help.


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