[JDEV] client to client communication using jabber?

Dan vze2ry7c at verizon.net
Mon Jan 6 08:21:20 CST 2003

I guess I've "seen the light!"  I'm going to rework my client to use a
separate namespace for the data.

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> "Dan" <vze2ry7c at verizon.net> wrote on 4-1-2003 20:44:25:
> >
> >Tijl,
> >
> >I don't know where to get the actual DTD but here is the documentation
> >I can find on the message element.
> >
> >"A message chunk MAY contain zero or one of each of the following child
> >elements (which may not contain mixed content):
> >body - The textual contents of the message; normally included but not
> >required. The <body/> element MUST NOT have any attributes."
> >
> >Stuffing xml into the body tag doesn't seem to violate this.   I do
> >have to escape the tags stuffed into the <body> element.
> I was right in my assumption then that you're not really sending XML.
> Ofcourse you're allowed to do this. But it's not so much taking
> advantage of Jabber's ability to send XML along with messages.
> >The reason I want to do this is simple though perhaps not sufficient to
> >justify abusing the tag in this way. My client has a lot of
> >functionality specific to managing data about items that are bought
> >and sold. I would like to be able to send that data to anyone with a
> >Jabber client. Stuffing the data in the body tag ensures that they can
> >get the information whereas using a separate namespace might cause the
> >data to be missed.  Anyone who receives such a message would be able
> >to understand the contents and decide what to do with it.
> Well, I don't think that if I show my grandmother some bits of XML she
> understand what it means. XML allows for (more) easy debugging and
> reverse enginering but I wouldn't quite call it human readable.
> >
> >I may be stating heresy here but I think one of the greatest values of
> >XML is that it is that you can look at it and know what it means as
> >opposed to, say, looking at an EDI document..
> If I were you I'd send along the XML *outside* of the body tag, and a
> *real* human readable represenation of the data in the body element.
> Clients that understand the XML can use that. This is the proper way of
> doing things in Jabber. Even if you don't want to make a more textual
> representation, send both the escaped XML in the body, and the real
> proper XML outside the body and use that last one for your client.
> Because if another developer will want to implement your features in
> another client he is not going to "fish" your XML out of a body tag..
> all libraries etc. don't do this either.
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