[JDEV] c2s fails on any client's connect

Sergey sergeyli at pisem.net
Mon Jan 6 15:02:10 CST 2003


I'm trying to run jabberd 2.0.0-a3. It starts OK but whenever a client (I'm using Everybuddy) connects, c2s dies, taking the 
whole server with it. In the syslog I just see "c2s ... offline" and that's it. I tried commenting out the <register/> but it 
doesn't make a difference. How do I increase the level of debug information provided by the jabberd services.
Also, is there any (incomplete) implementation of ldap auth module at all that I could use? I'd put some coding in to make it 
work, I'm just hesitant to start from scratch.
Thank you!

Source Mage GNU/Linux,

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