[JDEV] Re: c2s fails on any client's connect

Sergey sergeyli at pisem.net
Tue Jan 7 14:00:06 CST 2003

Thank you very much! I actually got JabberD running (mostly) by registering myself manually via telnet, following instructions 
in the admin docs. For now I'm using the db module.
I'm using OpenLDAP 2.1.11, so it's going to be a good test ;-). I'll keep the list informed.

Robert Norris wrote:
>>I'm trying to run jabberd 2.0.0-a3. It starts OK but whenever a client (I'm 
>>using Everybuddy) connects, c2s dies, taking the whole server with it. In 
>>the syslog I just see "c2s ... offline" and that's it. I tried commenting 
>>out the <register/> but it doesn't make a difference. How do I increase the 
>>level of debug information provided by the jabberd services.
> Compile with --enable-debug then run c2s with the -D switch.
>>Also, is there any (incomplete) implementation of ldap auth module at all 
>>that I could use? I'd put some coding in to make it work, I'm just hesitant 
>>to start from scratch.
> I've attached my LDAP module, which is based on the old jabberd 1.5
> work. Its untested, and may not even compile. It will go into CVS once
> Debian gets OpenLDAP 2.1 into unstable, which will resolve dependency
> issues with libsasl, libsasl2 and libldap2.
> Rob.

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