[JDEV] presence control

Peter Millard me at pgmillard.com
Wed Jan 8 09:49:43 CST 2003

Lyn -

I'm not aware of any server implementations that do NOT allow directed
presence through. This would, for example, prevent anyone from using the
current text-conferencing specification (JEP-45), since people join rooms by
sending directed presence to the room at conference.server.com.

Building an application which uses & relies on directed presence should work
no problem.


Lyn Bartram wrote:
> I have some questions about directed presence and roster control. The
> documentation states that a node can choose to manage its presence
> directly and can send (and presumably receive) presence messages
> independent of roster membership. Some implementers have, however,
> warned us that this is not the case: that presence dissemination is
> both mediated and blocked by the server according to roster.
> Can someone enlighten me? Thanks -
> lyn

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