[JDEV] Question regarding jabberd

Mike Prince mike at mikeprince.com
Wed Jan 8 14:40:07 CST 2003

Try the attached patch to mod_echo (v1.4.2) on for size...

You'll also need to fixup your jabber.xml

1) Create a service that will be the target of your copied messages.  In
my case I'm using an accept component

	<service id="myservice.localhost">

2) If you use my patch verbatim, add this snippet to the <jabber><jsm>


3) If you also want to receive presence via the normal jabber bcc
function, make sure to fixup the admin section of <jabber><jsm> to look
like such


OKOKOK, so I patched mod_echo instead of writing a standalone module.
KISS told me to.  I'm holding off until JabberD2 before more coding...

You'll also find commented out code in mod_echo.c to play with.  For my
purposes I only needed to capture a few wee packets, but in your case
you may find the additional code useful.

Hope this helps,


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If I wanted to take jabberd and add a tag which cc's all presence and
messages to a server component, please let me know if what I'm planning
on doing makes sense: 
(this is all for 1.4.2) 
I want to make a <src>/jabberd/base/base_carboncopy.c

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