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Matthias Wimmer m at tthias.net
Thu Jan 9 09:41:56 CST 2003

Hi M.!

M.Kiesel wrote:

>>Hrm.. that's not a bad idea, then have the client subscribe back... The
>>only problem I see is it's totally up to the user at that point, but
>>then again, using regular s10n is too.
>Normal s10n using immediate subscribed packets pushes the contact to the
>user's roster without further actions.
I think you shouldn't send subscribed presences but subscribe presences. 
Being able to push contacts on the roster of a user with subscribed 
packets as been considered a bug by some people and it is not part of 
the specs that you can do this. I could imagine that this "bug" could be 
fixed by implementations in the future.

Tot kijk

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