[JDEV] Meaning of "headline" messages

Luis Peralta peralta at spisa.act.uji.es
Thu Jan 9 13:29:32 CST 2003


   What's the correct usage for "headline" type messages?

   Let me explain: I've written a component that notifies the user when
some type of event has happened. I'm sending these messages as
type="headline", with only <subject> and <body> tags.

   Exodus and jarl display the messages that my component sends
correctly. On the other side, tkabber does not.

   When asking the author about it, he said that every headline message
should have an x:oob ns with a <url> and <desc> tags. Maybe I
misunderstood the meaning of the word "headline"... I understand it as a
message that is just a notification and that you wouldn't reply to, as
it's just an automatic generated message. Or maybe that is how I would
like it to be.

   So, the question is, how should I send a notification to a user? A
normal message? my version of the "headline" message? Anything else?
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