[JDEV] Meaning of "headline" messages

Yanming Xiao xiao at legatovideo.com
Thu Jan 9 14:43:03 CST 2003


One more thing. 

You component should have valid JID, like 
myjid at mycomponent.myserver.com

If you are using "mycomponent.myserver.com"
as the JID in a "headline" message or any other 
messages, some client will ignore it as well. 

If you debug your code, you would find out that
"myjid" and "mycomponent.myserver.com" are in 
different members of a struct. 


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> Hi,
>    What's the correct usage for "headline" type messages?
>    Let me explain: I've written a component that notifies the user when
> some type of event has happened. I'm sending these messages as
> type="headline", with only <subject> and <body> tags.
>    Exodus and jarl display the messages that my component sends
> correctly. On the other side, tkabber does not.
>    When asking the author about it, he said that every headline message
> should have an x:oob ns with a <url> and <desc> tags. Maybe I
> misunderstood the meaning of the word "headline"... I understand it as a
> message that is just a notification and that you wouldn't reply to, as
> it's just an automatic generated message. Or maybe that is how I would
> like it to be.
>    So, the question is, how should I send a notification to a user? A
> normal message? my version of the "headline" message? Anything else?
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