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Adrian Rapa adrian at kilipir.ro
Fri Jan 10 08:24:04 CST 2003

> Adrian Rapa wrote:
>> 2. JabberWebClient
>>     I was thinking of writing it using only HTML/DHTNL and
>> javascript/ECMAScript. it should be very simple, as it will be an
>> webpage that reloads every 2 minutes, let say.
> Eeeh, IMO an IM client that updates every 2 minutes is not very
> workable. Even e-mail is faster.
> IMO there are two options:
> - You let the page reload every 1 minute until a chat starts, then you
> speed up the reloads while the user is chatting and return to 1 minute
> intervals when the user is idle again.

i said 2 minutes... just in case... of course it might be 30 secs, or
itmight be user/connection choise

> You keep the connection open to the HTTP server and use things like
> flush() in PHP to push data to the browser. This works pretty well, main
> drawback it that this requires one decidated (pretty heavy) Apache per
> connection which can cost you quite a bit of memory.

I dont like this option. main reason is that if the connection got broke
the user will be disconected. did this in my first try.

> Just take a look at some PHP chat room scripts, most of them use this
> method. If they don't they are terribly slow (mostly for the user but
> they are also not really kind for your server) :D

i know this type of chats..

> Just my $0.02 :D
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