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Adrian Rapa adrian at kilipir.ro
Fri Jan 10 08:27:55 CST 2003

> Hi Lukas!
> lukasm wrote:
>> Apache module is not good idea. I would write normal jabberd module
>> with listen socket.
>> Then PHP or java or .... can connect to that module and take data.
>> Not everybody use apache and PHP.
> The problem if you don't write it as a module for your webserver is,
> that you can't use it from Java applets as they only can connect to
> where they have been loaded from (same is true for other things like
> Flash).
> If you write it as an extension to the Jabber server you either have to
> listen on an other port or ip address then the webserver. If you use an
> other IP address you have the descibed problems, if you use an other
> port you can get in problems with restrictive web proxies ... and they
> are one of the reasons why web clients are used most.
> Tot kijk
>     Matthias
hi matthias,
i had same reasons in mind when i said i want the apache module, and that
because of you jabber applet who gaved me a lot of nightmares :)

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Adrian Rapa

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