[JDEV] jabberwebclient

lukasm lukasm at wp-sa.pl
Fri Jan 10 09:04:24 CST 2003

Matthias Wimmer wrote:

> Hi Adrian!
> Adrian Rapa wrote:
>> Another good point. I have to think ant take a decision, also if you saiy
>> that apache is not very stable... then remains the other option an
>> indepedent client that is launch on the server when i load the page, and
>> kill him on dissconenct or after an timeout. a perl client might be good
> Apache is very stable - the only problem with it is that the API 
> differs between 1.3 and 2.0 versions.

apache yes, but php with apache not.
Writing apache module is very compicated ( you need to use shm to share 
data ).

> Tot kijk
>    Matthias

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