[JDEV] Server Error Karma

Jamin W. Collins jcollins at asgardsrealm.net
Sun Jan 12 15:36:01 CST 2003

On Thu, Jan 01, 1970 at 08:35:00AM +0000, Adrian Brown wrote:

> Can someone tell me how to avoid this error:
> 19700101T08:21:01: [notice] (MIO_XML_READ): socket from is
> out of karma
> I guess it happened when I started sending lots of info from one
> client to another, is there a way to push the limits with this?

Look in your servers config for the following section:

   <service id="c2s">

Then look for this sub-section:


Set the values to whatever works for you.  Then restart the server.

Jamin W. Collins

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