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Daniel Chote daniel at chote.net
Mon Jan 13 15:35:27 CST 2003

You could actually house the text area in a div, ive done it this way 
*although not realtime, leaving an open stream would work...*.  <div 
style='position:absolute; width:290px; height:100px; overflow: scroll'> 
 ( http://chote.net/tileengine/working/ )

CBAS helped me out with that idea

Lars Weber wrote:

>>just as an annotation, i think they web client doesn't have to refresh all
>>pages (i.e. chat), since many modern browsers display the already recieved
>>part of a http stream ...
>This only works if you don´t use tables arround the text you want to display
>and only if all images have a "width" and "height" attribute.
>Greetings from munich, germany,
>Lars Weber
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