[JDEV] pushing browse informaiton

Lyn Bartram lbartram at colligo.com
Mon Jan 13 21:19:36 CST 2003

I'm trying to set browse information for a presentity (user) on the server.
I've tried variants of <iq type='set'> with the query and browse namespaces
but either the server disconnects or sends me a "service unavailable"
message. I've looked for docs on how to set that information but to no avail
- can anyone tell me how to do it? (Ive pored through the online docs and
the book PRogramming Jabber.)
To be specific:
i want to set some client properties specific to our environment that i can
later browse: (associated JIDs)
i want to set that client data periodically when it changes
I want to be able to retrieve all the data later by hierarchically browsing
using the jabber:iq:browse scoped query. (i can do that...)

in all cases "I" am a user and i am trying to set data associated with me.
Any help is greatly appreciated.

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