[JDEV] server error

Matthias Wimmer m at tthias.net
Wed Jan 22 12:17:26 CST 2003

Hi Adrin!

You have to set up the jabber.xml file with the domain name that you are 
using to address your messages and to which you will log in.
In your case you have to use "adrian-browns-computer.local". - Or if you 
want to keep the IP address you have to log in to this IP address 
instead of "adrian-browns-computer.local".

Tot kijk

Adrian Brown wrote:

> I set-up the Jabber.xml with the computer's IP, and got this error 
> when I did computer to computer networking, when I set it up with an 
> IP that has been broadcast DHCP its fine, this clock thing is a pain, 
> damn APPLE bug!
> Is it because of this time thing that I'm seeing this failure?
>>> 19700101T11:52:57: [notice] (adrian-browns-computer.local): bouncing 
>>> a routed packet to adrian at adrian-browns-computer.local/work from 
>>> 13 at c2s/19FB40: Internal Delivery Error

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