[JDEV] jabber server+client as a single mutiprotocol IM application

Евгений Филиппов joxy2000 at mail.ru
Fri Jan 24 06:22:52 CST 2003

I had a thought: a jabber server + jabber client packaged into a single
installer could be used as a convinient multiprotocol IM client. I.e.,
both the j server & j client will run on the same localhost. They may
even be compiled into a single executable. 
Rationale 1.  I find it difficult to find a working gateway server e.g.
for icq, aim, msn, yahoo. So the main point is that the local gateways
to these services will work much better, since the localhost does have a
very little load.  Here, i mostly speak about free gateway servers for
icq, aim, yahoo. They are sometimes unstable, overloaded, slow, etc. The
local system might represent a more attractive choice.  Additionally,
the local server will not become banned by AOL and other companies.
Rationale 2.  The system will be much less distributed, and, therefore,
much more stable.
Possible implementation details
The local jabber server does not have to use jabber s2s, it may have a
special transport for c2s to public jabber servers & services.  
Any local jabber server configuration tasks that are too advanced and/or
not useful in the normal circumstances can be done at compile time
and/or automatically at runtime, such that the enduser will never be
able to get to these handles.
Question 1.  Is there anyone who develops such a project? 
Question 2.  Does this sound as an interesting idea for anyone to pick
Filippov Evgenii
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