[JDEV] jabber server+client as a single mutiprotocol IM application

Timothy Carpenter timbeau_hk at yahoo.co.uk
Fri Jan 24 07:03:58 CST 2003


Networks that run in a ‘fractal’ mode have advantages – it I often desirable
for a sub network to appear as a single client to the outside world (i.e. a
local/private server connecting via c2s to the public servers). Thus the
idea is interesting to me.

Last year I formed a drag and drop jabberd on Mac OSX 10.1.5 (using the BSD
Unix version) in jabberd 1.4.2 form. It is not a big task on OSX to have the
client kick off the jabberd, thus providing a shrink-wrapped single icon

Not sure how this would work in Wintel environments.


On 24/01/2003 12:22 pm, "Евгений Филиппов" <joxy2000 at mail.ru>

> I had a thought: a jabber server + jabber client packaged into a single
> installer could be used as a convinient multiprotocol IM client. I.e., both
> the j server & j client will run on the same localhost. They may even be
> compiled into a single executable.
> Rationales
> Rationale 1.  I find it difficult to find a working gateway server e.g. for
> icq, aim, msn, yahoo. So the main point is that the local gateways to these
> services will work much better, since the localhost does have a very little
> load.  Here, i mostly speak about free gateway servers for icq, aim, yahoo.
> They are sometimes unstable, overloaded, slow, etc. The local system might
> represent a more attractive choice.  Additionally, the local server will not
> become banned by AOL and other companies.
> Rationale 2.  The system will be much less distributed, and, therefore, much
> more stable.
> Possible implementation details
> The local jabber server does not have to use jabber s2s, it may have a special
> transport for c2s to public jabber servers & services.
> Any local jabber server configuration tasks that are too advanced and/or not
> useful in the normal circumstances can be done at compile time and/or
> automatically at runtime, such that the enduser will never be able to get to
> these handles.
> Questions
> Question 1.  Is there anyone who develops such a project?
> Question 2.  Does this sound as an interesting idea for anyone to pick up?
> -joe
> Filippov Evgenii

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